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The Escuelas Profesionales de la Sagrada Familia-Alcalá la Real was founded in September 1939, during the postwar period, with the help of the Jesuit Rafael Villoslada Peula as the source of the network of schools set out to create throughout Andalusia, aiming to promote the lower classes and humble Andalusian villages and fields through education, focusing in a special way in professional training.


Its first location was Joaquín Costa street in a building donated by Mrs. Trinidad Montañés. What were two teachers, 94 boys and 7 benefactors, and the generosity of a whole people.


The present building is located in an area of ​​3 hectares, the same as the fortress of La Mota. On May 1, 1952 was inaugurated by Mr. Joaquín Ruiz Giménez, Minister of Education.


The passing years saw the consolidation of the initial idea and a constant desire for renewal, which has made this school is one of the pioneers in all educational reforms that have been developed in close to their 75-year history, a constant desire to serve the city of Alcalá la Real with which it is uniquely linked with both its people and its institutions.


The educational offer of the school includes all non-university stages:


* Pre-school Education

* Primary Education

* Secondary Education

* Bachelor of Science and Technology

* Bachelor of Humanities and Social Sciences

* Intermediate Professional Training:

ž   Motor Vehicles Electro mechanics

ž   Electrical and Automatic Installations

ž   Administrative Management

ž   Auxiliary Nursery Care

*  Higher Professional Training:

ž   Administration and Finance


The school also has dining area and residential school.